4 Unexpected Benefits of Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

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I'm not gonna to lie...I usually try to avoid shopping at Walmart. But online grocery shopping at Walmart? Turns out it was good enough to convert my large family grocery shopping trips into a Walmart drive-by. Click to discover 4 of my favorite (and unexpected!) benefits of shopping at Walmart online grocery.

4 Unexpected Benefits of Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

I’d been using online grocery shopping since 2 kids ago, when suddenly we had a grocery budget crisis. As in, our expenses were greater than our income. We had to cut our spending immediately.

We already lived fairly frugally. We’d made many cuts over the past few years while my husband was in school for his Masters in Divinity, and again as we transitioned back into full-time ministry…at a lower salary than before he got his Masters, of course. There wasn’t a whole lot in the budget left to cut.

Except the grocery budget. For our growing family of 7, the grocery budget was NOT a small line item.

As much as I loved our current online grocery service (and I did!!), Walmart online grocery shopping had recently become available in my area. As I was lamenting our budget crisis, a money-saving friend suggested I give Walmart online pickup a try so I could cost compare.

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At first, I didn’t want to. I was (I am…) a bit of a Walmart snob, and thought it would be difficult to find the more nutritious, real food grocery items that I wanted to feed to my family. But, with the budget numbers crunched, I felt forced into it.

As it turned out, my very first Walmart online grocery shopping trip was way cheaper on almost every single item I wanted to order. PLUS I was able to get $10 off of my first Walmart online pickup order through their referral program.

This Walmart snob was grudgingly hooked.

Now that I’ve switched over to getting the bulk of my groceries via Walmart online pickup, I’ve been surprised at the benefits I’ve experienced. Here are 4 reasons why I’ve become a Walmart online grocery shopping convert:

#1 – Lowest price is guaranteed, even if there are increases/decreases before pickup

At My Old Grocery Store

At my old grocery store’s pickup, I had to be careful about the timing of my pickup orders. See, their sales flyer changed mid-week. That meant that if I placed an order based on the current week’s flyer, but scheduled a pick up date for after the new sales took effect…I had to pay the new prices. Even when they were higher.

So whenever I ordered a bunch of sale items (I love to stock-up with a good grocery sale!), there was always the possibility of serious sticker shock if the sale ended before my pick-up date.

With Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

Guaranteeing that you pay the lowest price available is one of the FIRST reasons why I appreciate Walmart online grocery shopping!

With Walmart, it’s guaranteed that you will pay the lowest price available for each item in your order. That means that if the available price increases before pick-up, you will stay pay the lower price that you saw when you ordered.

But if the price decreases before pick-up? Your Walmart online grocery shopping order will charge you the new, LOWER price. A pleasant surprise!

#2 – You can order a large selection NON-food items for a reasonable price

At My Old Grocery Store

Traditional grocery stores always have a convenient selection of common pharmacy items, cooking gear, kids toys, and other random non-food products available. But even though it IS convenient to purchase these things during a regularly scheduled grocery trip, I always pay a premium price for them. Definitely not good for the budget.

Not at Wal-mart!

With Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

Since Walmart has based their business model on selling everything they can for the cheapest price possible, their non-grocery items tend to be less expensive, too. Now, if I want to order vitamins, sunscreen, pregnancy tests (ahem), baby bibs, and even disposable diapers, it’s nice to know that I can add them to my Walmart online grocery shopping order without being charged an arm and a leg.

After all, disposable diapers are expensive enough as it is! Which is why I usually plan ahead and buy diapers through Amazon Prime using their Subscribe and Save option, which saves me up to 20% per box! But I guess I’ll save details on that time and money-saving strategy for a future post 😉

#3 – Pickup appointments are accommodating to “Mom Time”

At My Old Grocery Store

My previous online grocery store offered half hour pickup appointments. I’d do my best to estimate my arrival…but invariably I would be thwarted by the ever changing nap schedule of an infant. Or the potty training whims of a toddler. Or the “I can’t get my socks on” pre-schooler.

With Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

Walmart schedules 1-hour long time slots.

That extra 30-minutes gives the flexibility needed to (mostly) prevent me from turning into screaming banshee mom when my kids inevitably lose their shoes, pee their underwear, and suddenly decide they neeeeed to go get their money “just in case” we actually go IN Walmart.

We. Are. Not. Going. In. Walmart.

Oh, and those 1-hour time slots? There is still some “ish” built into them. I’ve shown up over an hour late before, usually after my homeschool meet-up or MOPs meeting. (You know, when I’m hanging on to every last second of adult time I can get…) And they still bring me my groceries without a single dirty look.

#4 – Huge Make n Take Pizzas work as a bribe to make kids put away groceries

At My Old Grocery Store

What’s the point in avoiding an in-store grocery store meltdown only to come home and have to deal with a “the baby is crying, the toddler peed his underwear (again), and the older kids are arguing over who gets to hold the door open while the frozen food thaws on the driveway” type of meltdown.

Kind of defeats the purpose of online grocery pickup.

With Walmart Online Grocery Shopping

So sometimes, when we’re picking up groceries around lunchtime, I order one of Walmart’s Make n Take type pizzas. They’re huge, and they only cost $5-8 depending on the toppings. The kids love getting pizza, and I think they actually taste pretty good (as long as I’m able to eat dairy…I’m currently dairy free because my breastfeeder can’t tolerate it 😭).

When we arrive home after a Walmart online pickup with pizza, they are eager to help carry and put away the groceries. Even the toddler will carry the lighter bags, hold the door open for siblings, and help put everything away. They’re all happy to help out so that I can cook and cut the pizza more quickly. Then comfort the screaming baby. Then start a load of pee laundry. Then…eat cold pizza. Because #momlife.

BONUS TIP: Make it clear before you get home that MOMMY will carry the pizza into the house. Otherwise the older kids will argue over who gets to carry the pizza inside the house. And all the frozen food will be left out to thaw out in your driveway. Just sayin’…

Want to save $10 on your first Walmart online grocery shopping order?

Walmart offers a simple referral program where you and a friend can both get $10 off your grocery order. As a frugal mom trying to feed 7 appetites (who all want to eat multiple times every single day!!), I can appreciate ten bucks of free groceries!

Simply use this referral link, enter your email address, and you (and I!) will both get $10 off of your first grocery order of $50 or more.

As you have probably noticed, even a family half our size can easily spend $50 at Walmart.

Have you used Walmart’s online grocery pickup service? What has been biggest benefit for you? If not, what’s holding you back?


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