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Homemade Gummy Recipe Framework

This Homemade Gummy Framework is intended to be a starting point for your creativity! Use the basic measurements, but fill in your own ingredients. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things, then tweak the ingredients and measurements based on what you learn.
Cook Time 10 mins


  • Silicone Mold (optional, or any pan with sides, like a cake pan)
  • 2+ Quart Pot
  • Stick Blender (optional, but guarantees a non-clumpy gummie)


  • 2 cups Liquid Ideas: fruit juice concentrate, milk, fruit puree, etc
  • 4 Tbsp Gelatin
  • Fun extras! pieces of fruit, chocolate, citric acid, etc


  • Heat your liquid base until steam is starting to rise. Reduce heat before it boils.
  • Sprinkle 4 Tbsp of Gelatin Powder over the top of the liquid, then wait a moment to let it "bloom" (it will gradually absorb some of the liquid without being mixed).
  • Turn off the stove. Carefully use the stick blender* (or whisk) to thoroughly mix the gelatin into the liquid.
  • Pour the liquid mixture into a cute silicone mold or cake pan. Wait until the gummies have solidified (you can speed up the process by placing the molds in the refrigerator or freezer until gelled).
  • Once gummies are firm, remove them from molds (if using a cake pan, cut into desired shape before removing).
  • Eat and enjoy! Store leftovers in the refrigerator.


*An inexpensive Stick Blender (like this one) is the best, fastest way to get a smooth gummie mixture. A whisk can work, but sometimes the gelatin will form small clumps with itself before you can get it completely incorporated into the liquid. If that happens, you can still eat it! You'll just find a few gelatin lumps in your gummies.
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